Exhibit M. The Announcement to the Congregation, 1 Nov. 2015.

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‘Be not a witness against your neighbor without cause, / and do not deceive with your lips.’  –Prov. 24:28

What would follow here is a transcript of the announcement of my dad’s suspension on Sunday 1 November during the morning service, but I find it too personally embarrassing to the council to include it, whole, in this forum. If you would like a copy of the complete transcript, please contact me via email or the comments. It is salient because it thoroughly misrepresents my father’s response to the List and his interaction with the council the Tuesday before. It is utterly dishonest. I include here two parishioners’ questions and the council’s replies:

42: So the church visitors approved this then?

Someone from Council: Yes.

Elder 11: Yes. We met with them this past Tuesday. They approved this…

24: What’s the long term plan? Is it termination?

Elder 11: We…. Ahhhhh……mmm…. I don’t know if I can answer that right now, 24. We got… We have not figured out exactly what all is gonna happen yet.

24: Is, on his end, is there things he has to do to make you guys happy? What’s the– what’s going on in these three weeks that he’s supposed to do or to make it okay that he can come back? What’s the– what’s the plan?

11: We can’t say, 24…. We don’t….

24: So is it an open-end deal? I mean, there’s no, there’s no plan? You just told him to take three weeks off and we’ll see how we feel after that?

11: No! We told him to take three weeks off while we figure out what the next– what is gonna happen next…

12: (to 11, muffled) And seek the opinion of church visitors

13: Be patient and pray for the council and for the pastor. We ask your prayers and your patience.

11: As soon as we got more of a plan, 24, we’ll let you know. We’ll try to keep you guys as well as informed as we can. Like I said, we’re meeting with the Church Visitors tomorrow. And we will know better what– uhhhh– how we proceed after that.

[I refer the reader to Exhibit H. on 21’s claims about the CVs’ involvement.]

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