Exhibit K. Preaching Schedule up to ‘Being Word Centered’ (26 Oct. 2015)

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‘How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word! What more can He say than to you He has said, you, who unto Jesus for refuge  have fled?’ — ‘K’ in Rippon’s Selection, 1787

First, an excerpt of the schedule from the second half of 2014, the ‘Matthew stuff’ some people were murmuring about (see Exhibit G.):

author’s portrait of Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels
Aug 10


Effects of God’s Grace Titus 2:1-15

Lord’s Supper

Aug 17 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

Amazing Expressions of Faith and Unbelief

Matthew 15:21-16:4

Aug 24 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

The True Confession & the Sure Foundation

Matthew 16:5-16:20

Aub 31 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

Satanic Opposition and a Call to Discipleship

Matthew 16:21-28

Sept 7 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

The King in His Glory

Matthew 17:1-13

Sept 14 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

The Powerless Disciples. The Mighty Christ

Matthew 17:14-23

Sept 21 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

To Avoid Offending

Matthew 17:19-27

Sept 28 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

The Little Ones and How We Treat Them

Matthew 18:1-14

Oct 5 Guest Preacher

Who Then Can Be Saved?

1 Peter 4:1-5:11

Oct 12 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

For the Love of the Church

(Church Discipline)

Matt 18:15-20

Oct 19 The Gospel Acc to Matthew

The Imitation of Christ

Matt 18:21-35

Oct 26


The Precious Treasure

Psalm 19 Reformation Sunday
Nov 2 The Gospel Acc to Matthew The True Pattern for Marriage Matt 19:1-12

World Hunger Sunday

Standard Time Returns

Nov 9 The Gospel Acc to Matthew What Must I Do, What Do I Lack? Matt 19:13-26

Intn’l Day Prayer Pers Church

Lord’s Supper

Nov 16 The Gospel Acc to Matthew Great Difficulty and Great Reward Matt 19:23-30
Nov 23 The Gospel Acc to Matthew The Injustice of Grace Matt 20:1-16 Christ the King Sunday
Nov 27


Abundance! Thanksgiving Eve Service 7:00 PM

Preaching Schedule, 2015.

The reader can decide for him-/herself, after looking at the titles and the texts exegeted, whether the congregation was only hearing ‘judgmental’, ‘continual call[s] to repent!’, and whether the material and presentation of it was mostly negative.  Again, anyone who would like to hear the messages can contact me, and I am happy to send mp3s.  Note that my dad was only able to get a few weeks into his series on Philippians, the clearest direct answer to those who wanted what they called ‘joy’ (see the entries beginning in September below).  This epistle contains the hallmark passage(s) on Christian joy.  Since my dad was canned only a short way into the sojourn in Philippians (and it promised to be a darn good series), one has to wonder if the ‘joy’ some were clamoring for is the same joy Paul describes.  The sheer disconnect (between the cry for ‘joy’/encouragement and kicking a man to the kerb just as he’s beginning his answer),which borders on dishonesty–because people couldn’t even acknowledge the effort to meet them halfway–literally nauseates the author.  What’s the point of voicing complaints and making demands when you don’t give the person a chance to meet those demands?  Is it because those demands/complaints were just an excuse?  It smells like this:


Certainly some of this is subjective–some may indeed not find an exhortation to ‘think the way God thinks’ a positive and motivating message.  But what does the Bible say?

The list below represents REALITY–what was actually preached, and reveals the different foci of the preacher at different times.  Unless one wants to claim that throughout various series, and in spite of the texts coming from all over scripture, the preacher managed to drag in the same dead horse and beat it Sunday after Sunday, I don’t see how anyone can get around the simple fact that the themes were varied, though consistently biblical, and that the vast majority are indeed relevant and encouraging (or at least, the source texts are).  But someone may just dismiss this evidence with, ‘Well, I know what I feel.’  There is no hope of rational exchange with such a person, and that person, evidently not valuing truth above feelings, is thus totally unable to hold God’s Word in proper esteem.

NB: **indicate author’s personal favorites/recommendations; italics indicate messages which the author believes were preached in direct response to the ongoing situation; bolded text indicates those messages whose texts and themes especially and overtly contradict the complainant narrative that all is negative, lacking in encouragement, ‘out of touch’, or fire & brimstone.

11 Jan.       ‘The Goal of Christian Teaching‘, Eph. 4:1-16 [installation of new office bearers]

18 Jan.      Counsel for the Downcast Soul’, Ps. 42

25 Jan.       ‘An Important Step to Godliness’, Rom.11:33-12:2; 2 Cor.10:1-6

1 Feb.         ‘Sit and Be Blessed’, Luke 10:48-32**

8 Feb.        ‘The Lost Son’, Luke 15

Lent Series: OT types of Christ, Feb.-April

22 Feb.       ‘The Ladder that Reached to Heaven’, Gen. 28

1 March       ‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Let Go’, Gen. 32**

15 March      ‘The Passover’

22 March     ‘The Scapegoat’, Lev. 16**

29 March     ‘The Figure of Isaac’, Gen. 22

5 April           Easter: ‘Beneath His Feet’, Eph.1:18-23; 1 Cor.15:20-26; Heb.2:1-8

(2 week gap—12th & 19th)

26 April       ‘A Psalm on the Brevity of Life’, Ps. 90

For the Love of the Church series (April-May)

3 May            ‘Chosen from the Foundation of the World’, Eph. 1

10 May          ‘Christ’s Love for His Bride’, Rev. 19 & 21**

17 May          ‘The Greatest Expression of Love’, Luke 22:14-27

(On the Holy Spirit)

24 May         Whitsunday: ‘When the Spirit Comes’, Jn.16:1-16

31 May          ‘The Sight Giver’, Jn. 9:1-16

7 June           ‘Gaining Sight, Becoming Blind’, Jn.9:13-41

21 June          Father’s Day: ‘An Exhortation for Young and Old’, 1 Jn.2:12-17

28 June         ‘The Certainty of the Second Coming’, 2 Pet.3

5 July             ‘Living in Light of the Coming Day’, 2 Pet.3.10-18

12 July           ‘The Believer’s Anointing’, 1Jn.2:18-29

19 July           ‘Fasting and the People of God’, Dan.9**

26 July          ‘A Distinguishing Mark of the People of God’, Ex.33**

2 Aug.          ‘Running the Race, Considering Christ’, Heb.12:1-14      [the day of the ‘convo’ with 13, see Exhibit D.]

9 Aug.          ‘Given for You’, Luke 22:14-22


6 Sept.        ‘Extravagant Worship’, Mark 14:3-9

13 Sept.      ‘Minority Report’, Gal.2**


20 Sept.      Meet Philippians!’, Phil. 1:1-11

27 Sept.      ‘A Prayer for Abounding Love’, Phil 1:1-11

4 Oct.          ‘The Important Thing’, Phil 1:9-18

(2 week gap—11th & 18th)

25 Oct.        ‘Being Word Centered’, Col.3:16-7** [Pastor Appreciation Sunday; suspension came 2 days later]

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