Appendix iii: It wasn’t the Classis!

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In a sense.  I’ve appended this simple post because I hear it’s still ‘around town’ [as of 25 May 2016] that this is ‘all classis’ fault’.  I’m sure the church visitors will be surprised to hear that, as they didn’t walk into a service at random one Sunday morning and ask A., ‘What can we do for you?  Are you wanting  a change?  Let’s get rid of your pastor!’  Come on, guys!  Think about how TOO convenient that is for the movers and shakers who made this happen.  Yes, some classis pastors colluded with them, others enabled, others looked the other way.  But this whole show originated IN, that’s right, IN A., in A. people’s hearts and minds.  Some classical pastor wasn’t poring over paperwork one day and came up with a plan to get the classis together on 8 December 2015.  Just sayin’.  People should stop believing this tripe, and question such a version of events–the non-disparagement clause only explicitly applied to the pastor involved, but perhaps if classis knew they’d be the fall-guy if there was any fall-out, they’d have covered their butts too!  But who’d have dreamed that, when classical church visitors came in and gave the ‘council’ (and ‘A.’) what they wanted?  Well, I suppose this is evidence that there was still some blowback, and now that the CVs aren’t at every council meeting, the perps can blame them with impunity and get unhappy campers off their backs.   Here we see again the absolute impossibility of holding people accountable in these situations.  ‘Christians’ can make up half-lies, or whole lies, to serve themselves or what they deem to be a ‘worthy cause’, and just get away with it, because the ones being fed the tall tales swallow them and are too naïve or too scared to ask questions.  Here I will invoke my favourite TV judge: ‘If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true!’


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